How we build the lean project

Maybe you already started working with Lean, maybe you want to. We have six different offers to either support you or get you started.

Lean assessment

The ideal starting point of the lean journey is to have your current condition assessed and reviewed by someone who has experienced the total lean journey for themselves. Someone who knows which steps to take and can advise in which order to take them.

Therefore, we at TLA always recommend starting with an assessment process that we undertake, in co-oporation with you, enabling us to compare your current performance to the Toyota benchmark. As part of the assessment, we define the next steps needed towards your ultimate goal - your TPS true north vision.

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Lean advisory

For businesses that have already established a lean approach, with dedicated expertise.

The Lean advisory programme dedicates one of our lean specialists to work within the established customer processes, to provide an external perspective and strategic road map for continuous improvement. This may include recommended staff training as required, and the provision of a 'help-line' facility for problem solving.

Selected members of TLA have extensive hands-on lean leadership experience from inside Toyota and have personally been involved in the transformation journey of the European factories' integration.

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Jishuken project

We use the authentic Toyota Jishuken method as preferred project model to accelerate your business performance. Jishuken is, like many Japanese words, not easily translated but means in short "Self motivated skill enhancement" which centres the fundamental core of continuous improvement and people.

During a Jishuken project we target the area defined by the customer as a high priority to improve related to the company business targets. The Jishuken team, which is composed of both TLA and customer members, analyzes thoroughly the current condition using Toyota TPS  methods and tools to find the gap and thereby potential of improvement.

By this approach the dual targets of both improving the business performance and the people development is realized. In the end, people is what will matter the most and lead the way for sustainable continuous improvement.

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Lean training

For businesses that want to develop in-house competence to establish lean working practices.

We offer to train you on some of the unique methods, tools and cultural approaches that are successfully applied within Toyota. The training programme is designed according to individual needs, and the findings from an initial lean assessment process, and is based on series of modules derived from the Toyota Production System.

We can make fully customized training programs based on individual customer needs at our locations or at the customer’s location - whatever best fits the purpose. If you are interested in training programmes hosted in our factories in Japan, please register your interest in this form and we will notify you about the next available programme.

Also please check out our events calendar for open trainings hosted regularly at our European service centres regularly and also some exclusive events available at our European factories.

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Training sessions

Lean transformation

For businesses that require the development and execution of a lean road map.

There are many so-called lean projects that might start with a very optimistic business case, but end with unsatisfactory results and a legacy of doubt. It is not the monetary cost of a failed lean project that hurts the most, it is the lost credibility and confidence in the organization.

In Toyota we believe that there is only one way to truly change a culture and implement TPS/Lean. That is top management consistently taking the lead in the organization daily, on the "shop floor." TLA lean transformation programmes address this by deeply incorporating the whole organization from top to bottom in the transformation to avoid the pitfalls of failure. With the transformation programmes you will get recommendations for improved workflow and management structure, combined with staff training and support through the implementation process

We use the techniques and methods, focusing on the Jishuken method, that made Toyota the no 1 lean company to transfer the knowledge to you as a customer to secure future success in your lean journey.

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Investment planning

In order to maintain competitiveness and maximise profitability, most companies will periodically confront the need for investment, with the aim to improve operational efficiency. This is particularly true today, with fast-moving developments in technology.

Toyota is also recognising opportunities to change, implementing automation progressively in many parts of the business, and taking advantage of connectivity.

The key to success, however, is to ensure that each process is carefully assessed and fully optimised before committing to investment.

We recognise that many of our customers are confronting similar challenges as they plan for the future.

The Lean Academy's investment planning services provides expert assessment and advice to ensure that lean principles are established and maintained as part of the investment and implementation programme, ensuring maximum quality and value-added as the end result.

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