I_Site Explorer

Presenting a wide range of connectivity features, the I_Site Explorer package comes with all the tools you need to assure maximised safety and productivity in every area of your site.

I_Site My Fleet

Acts as an online inventory of your entire smart forklift fleet across one or multiple sites. Read more. 

  • Starter package
  • Cost Control
  • Service History
  • Invoice details
  • Service worksheets

Access control

Create unique driver profiles with PIN code to make sure only trained and authorised drivers have access and can operate your machines. Smart access cards (optional) increase your level of security, as drivers will need to use a smart card in order to access and drive your trucks.

Driver management

With this I_Site Explorer function you can manage your drivers’ licenses by indicating a validity date for each license. You get an email notification in advance when renewal is due. You can also select individual driver speed limits. In combination with impact management you can set up relevant operator training.

Utilisation KPIs

These KPI’s will show you the utilisation rate of your fleet and how busy your drivers are. This will help you to plan more efficiently over the different shifts, making the most out of your fleet and team, which results in savings. You can also monitor the status of contracted hours to avoid excessive or insufficient usage.

Battery management

Optimise battery usage to prolong the battery lifetime and improve safety by preventing misuse.

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Pre-Operational Check

Performing a customised safety check before starting up the truck improves reliability and safety in the workplace. A few examples of possible pre-op checks:

  • Are the forks in good condition?
  • Are the wheels or tyres damaged?
  • Are the brakes working correctly?

Impact management

Shock sensors provide information on collisions and help to prevent and avoid damage to your connected smart trucks and infrastructure. Giving insights like:

  • In app shock notifications
  • Total amount of shocks
  • Intensity of the impact
  • Date and time of impact

You can make smart trucks go into creep speed after an impact, only able to perform at full speed again after being reset by authorised personnel. It also allows to systematically follow up on high impacts by using the comment function for shock lockouts, for continuously monitoring and improved safety as a result.

Impact map

This map helps you to, for example, identify critical areas on your yard where impacts occur.


Monitor the location of your smart trucks outdoor on your site via Google maps. It follows your trucks during operation or when transported on lorries. Tracking might work indoor depending on the GPS signal and building construction.


You can set up your geofence area and get an alert as soon as a forklift leaves its geofence and enters a restricted area. Geofencing can be used as anti-theft control.


Two-way messaging

Allows to quickly send a message to your drivers from the web portal or app to their pre-op check display. Operators on their turn can send pre-set messages (oil spill, damaged goods, …) to their fleet manager from the pre-op check display on their truck. Very convenient in large or noisy sites.

Real-time notifications

Get instant updates and messages of impacts as well as where they occur, messages from the trucks, pre-operational check failures and if trucks are leaving the geofencing.

Full app functionality

On your phone app you will be able to:

  • Get instant notifications of high shocks
  • Track the pre-operational check failures
  • Control fleet activities
  • See update on driver details
  • Send messages
  • View error reports
  • Send direct service requests

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As the world's largest manufacturer of roof windows, VELUX creates a better living environment and quality of life under the roof. I_Site fleet management system provides support in this. 

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Danske Fragtmænd improves productivity & safety with I_Site

Danske Fragtmaend's terminal in Taulov has introduced the fleet management tool I_Site, which gives a complete overview of the terminal's 42 trucks.

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Toyota supplies Natures Menu with drive-in racking for cold store

Natures Menu got a complete logistics solution offered by Toyota to store their frozen raw pet food. The drive-in racking solution within their cold store warehouse can store almost 1000 pallets.

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Ecochem opts for racking and shuttle system

Ecochem International produces fire retardant additives based on environmentally friendly chemicals in its new factory in Willebroek. Ecochem opted not only for Toyota forklift trucks, but also for the racking and shuttle system.

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Hvilken I_Site pakke er best for deg?

Finn rett pakke for deg

Vi tilbyr tre forskjellige pakker med alt fra grunnleggende informasjon til inngående analyser av din truckpark. Uansett om du har 5 trucker eller 5000 trucker så har vi en I_Site pakke som du kan dra nytte av.

I_Site Starter

Dette er grunnpakken som du får tilgang til helt gratis når du kjøper en Smart Truck fra Toyota. Her får du grunnleggende informasjon om hver truck og muligheten til å bestille service fra I_Site appen.


Inkludert i pakken:

  • Oversikt over truckparken
  • Oversikt over driftstimer
  • Bestill service via app

I_Site My Fleet

Vi spiller med åpne kort. I_Site My Fleet er en speiling av vårt ERP-system. Her finner du detaljert informasjon om alle kostnader og alle serviceoppdrag.


Inkludert i pakken:

  • I_Site Starter pakken
  • Kostnadsoversikt
  • Servicehistorikk

I_Site Explorer

Den perfekte ledsager for logistikkledere som stiller store krav til effektivitet og sikkerhet.


Pakken inneholder bl.a.:

  • I_Site starter pakken
  • I_Site My Fleet pakken
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Utnyttelsesgrad per maskin
  • Oversikt over støt
  • GPS-sporing
  • Tilgangskontroll
  • Digital daglig kontroll
  • Smart batteriovervåkning

Kombiner I_Site med gamification

Nå kan du utfordre dine førere til å delta i en spennende konkurranse hvor målet er å kjøre så trygt som mulig. Gamification bidrar til positiv adferdsendring og øker sikkerheten på lageret, samtidig som man skaper en bedre lagånd. 


  • Insentiv til tryggere kjøring
  • Konkurranseperioden varer i 1 til 9 uker
  • Vi kårer beste fører og beste lag
  • Ukentlige tilbakemeldinger og sikkerhetsrangeringer

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