Your truck fleet management solution I_Site

I_Site is the fleet management system developed by Toyota over 10 years ago, with currently around 70.000 forklift online. I_Site hardware consists of a telematics unit and additional onboard sensors on forklifts. This allows your fleet to be connected to your back office via an ERP system, and to the Toyota back office systems.

I_Site comes with many features

  • Truck utilisation, driver utilisation  
  • A web portal, mobile app  
  • Report subscription, analysis chart
  • Battery monitoring  
  • Shock sensors and lockout, shock notifications, supervisor lockout notification
  • Remote driver access, driver admin and licences control
  • Contract monitoring
  • Pre-operational check including notifications
  • Smart access (card or fob)

Man holding a phone with I_Site app showing

Brand new feature: service request via the I_Site application

  • Get in contact with our service team directly
  • Send a service request message from your mobile device
  • You can also add a picture and specific message
  • Quick and easy: reduce downtime & improve productivity

Business men looking at I_Site on laptop

I_Site connects your business

With the help of  

  • Telematics unit and additional sensors on your trucks
  • Additional onboard sensors
  • Back office system, ERP
  • Service reports from field engineers

And you can collect all this information by accessing ​​​​​​​the web portal on your laptop or other mobile devices.

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All you need to know about I_Site Fleet Management

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Cost control

You can manage operational costs, utilisation of your trucks and damage cost.

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You can analyse reports to optimise ​​​​​​​your operations.

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Health & Safety

I_Site contributes to safety compliance and risk prevention with access control and shock sensors.

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You can optimise the utilisation of your truck and batteries, as well as their lifetime.

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