How can automated forklifts optimise your warehouse?

Whether you’re a logistics provider or working in production, the automation of certain processes can add a new dimension of productivity. This can be done by automating processes of everyday load handling; or a complete system conversion for large operations.

Optimaliser vareflyten

Automatisering bidrar til en konsistent arbeidsflyt med effektiv kjøring. Intelligent ordre og flåtestyringsverktøy minimaliserer transportdistanser og unngår opphoping, noe som forbedrer produktiviteten i driften hele døgnet. 


Forbedrer sikkerheten

AGV-er (automatiske trucker) er utstyrt med topp moderne laser scannere som oppdager hindringer og stopper når det er nødvendig. Dette sikrer et trygt arbeidsmiljø når AGV'er skal operere sammen med manuelle trucker.

Minimise damage

The highly accurate navigation and detection systems of automated warehouse forklifts will avoid causing damage to your goods, infrastructure and trucks. Which will also decrease your damage and service cost

Optimise your use of staff

By having automated trucks doing the repetitive work, your workers become available to handle more complex tasks with added value.

Increase your energy efficiency

Charging of these trucks can be done automatically with Lithium-ion batteries, which don’t require any maintenance or human involvement.

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Automation in different sections

No matter the size or type of your business, automation can be an added value. Think of all the repetitive load handling going on in your warehouse. Automation can be implemented in the following different sections. 

Block stacking

Stacking in blocks for compact storage

High-level storage

Storing and retrieving goods at height 

Light item handling

For horizontal transport up to 0,5 t

High-density storage

 Pallet transport in racking

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